TeleTrade Int’l, Inc. is the only non-partisan, non-competitive company working with to better enhance the barter and trade industry.

Gary Lasater, CEO


How it all started

TTI’S INITIAL CONCEPT began over 35 years ago with the realization there was a lack of computerization for any form of trade or barter. The idea was born out of the void created running a growing Trade Exchange in the Rocky Mountain Region of the U.S. TTI was evolved out of the programming done for client accounting and trade matches that always seemed to be lost on the desks of Trade Directors at UBEC, Inc. headquartered in Denver, CO. Trade Directors were responsible to match the wants with the availability of products and services of the members of the Exchange.

As membership grew to nearly 1000, so did the monumental task of keep track of products and services and wants, especially the unmatched ones. If a trade was not put together within the first 24 hours, even though they said they would place the request on a list, inevitably the request would be lost.

The turn over of Trade Directors within an Exchange also created a major obstacle. There were no existing programs that could fill this tracking need. Gary Lasater developed the concept and Bill Moffett designed and programmed the initial accounting system in 1981 on an IBM 34 platform. The system was enhanced adding the trade management system and moved over to the PC environment in 1984. The Master Trade System was developed and enhanced during the next five years that the Lasater family owned and operated the Trade Exchange. Due in part to the father retiring, and Gary’s research that showed Trade Exchange operators had an underlying misgiving about dealing with the “competition” in any form of networking, the Trade Exchange was sold to a national group in 1989. This allowed Gary and Bill an opportunity to further develop TTI and the INTERACT / X2X program.

IRIS and CompuTrader have been a recent addition to this totally integrated approach.

Bartering is on the grow and needs a relational database to bring it back to the forefront of the economy as a parallel to currency exchange. This will help assist with a more free form of trade and help those to barter in good times and survive in the bad times.

TTI has put together the first and only holistic approach to a totally integrated network for the Trade and Barter industry. This approach will make a Broker more efficient, technological tuned to becoming part of the global community.

TeleTrade Int’l, Inc. is the only non-partisan, non-competitive company working with to better enhance the barter and trade industry. TTI has over 35 years of design intelligence in developing what you see before you, with over a half-century of combined trade & barter and computer background. We are the only company working full time to continually develop and enhance the products we make specifically for the Trade & Barter Industry. We are dedicated to making trade & barter a local, national and world-wide way of conducting business and personal acquisition.

Now that this project is continuing to evolve and improve I want to tell you how pleased we are with the outcome as well as with your employees who were involved with us. We will readily recommend TTI to anyone and will certainly continue to use your systems to improve our services to our local businesses.
Wayne Edgar