Working hard for the Barter Industry for over 25 Years

Our Staff

We bring Barter into the 21st century through the innovation of technology.

Gary Lasater
Founder of eValues, Inc., TeleTrade int’l, inc., The Commerce Guild, Inc. and The Guild Exchange, Gary has the most distinctive background for piloting eValues and TGX in the world. With over 38 years in the Barter and Trade industry, spanning media barter, Retail Trade Exchange and Corporate bartering, coupled with over 30 years in system design for trade systems and software, he brings a unique blend of talent, background, and skills to this industry.Additionally he has served as the Mayor of Parker Colorado for nearly 9 years and currently sits on the Parker Town Council since 2004. He also has or is serving on the following Boards:

  • Partnership for Douglas County Governments
  • E-470 Public Highway Authority
  • Metro Mayor’s Caucus
  • Parker Economic Development Council
  • Parker Landmarks Commission
  • Denver Regional Council of Governments
  • Parker Chamber of Commerce – liaison
  • Parker Water and Sanitation District – liaison

Our Vision:

Global Commerce creating resources for the betterment of the community.

Our Mission:

Integrating knowledge, service and technology that will lead to expansion of the community and its economic resources for the enhancement of the individual’s standard of living.

Ken Krickbaum – Technology / R&D Administrator
With a history in Engineering and Manufacturing Consulting in the 80’s, Ken attained his CMD certification from M.S.E. After which, he was hired as Junior Consultant with A.C.T. (Accounting Computer Technologies).  Within a year Ken was promoted to Senior Consultant and led projects such as 20th Century Fox and Franklin Steel.  In working closely with a few of the “BIG 5” consulting firms at the time, he acquired a strong working knowledge of accounting systems and their industry specific differences and designs.  After several years with A.C.T. and 2 years as Vice President of Dynamics (client of A.C.T.), he spent the next 5 years assisting companies in their IT projects on a sometimes private and/or lead consulting basis.  Ken also served as Vice President of Consulting Services at Infoworks Software and has experience developing on/with systems such as AS400, DEC, VAX/VMS, SG, IBM 36 and SUN systems.  Previous consulting and design clientele include Raytheon, Pepsi, NASA, Anaheim Angels, Arthur Anderson LLP and Unisys.Since 1998, Ken has consulted and worked with TeleTrade int’l, inc. in the continued development and enhancement of a sophisticated trade and cash management system. This relationship had produced a new program for the development of Interact 2000 as a full SaaS accounting application. From this new technology, Krickbaum and Lasater designed, developed and deployed continued growth and success of the platform lead to the development and deployment of The Commerce Guild.Powered by, the largest Cash and Barter system of it’s kind in the world, The Commerce Guild features powerful dynamics, transactional processing and account management functionalities unrivaled in the industry.  Krickbaum designed, developed, deployed, maintains and continually enhances this multi-million dollar system utilizing the vast technical and consulting skills gained throughout his career.

Phil Finckler – Integration Administrator
Phil has over 18 years in software development and system integrations, with 12 of those years working directly with the barter and trade industry.  Beginning in 1984, he designed and implemented an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) telephone to computer system. Over the last twelve years he was written and implemented IVR systems for national and international barter companies including Bartercard Australia, Itex Corporation, Illinois Trade Exchange, The UC for the International Reciprocal Trade Association, and the BANC for the National Association of Trade Exchanges. The systems have been integrated with a wide spectrum of database back-ends.  Phil has also had over 13 year experience in installing and maintaining NT and Novell networks as well as over 9 years of web application development and web hosting experience.