The world’s most comprehensive software system for running a Barter Company or Trade Exchange
INTERACT NETWORK is one of the world’s most comprehensive software system for running a Barter Company or Trade Exchange.
Through its interface to the CompuTrader IVR (Interactive Voice Response) module at your site or remote synchronization to TTI national host service center, Exchange can now gain 24 hour authorization, directory search, fax-on-demand services and more through IRIS.

FREE yourself to do MORE BUSINESS!!
Whether that means making more sales or completing more trades, bottom line is, it’s good for your….bottom line.

INTERACT is your FULL SPECTRUM Barter Business TOOL.

The INTERACTive system that is easy to use and accessible from anywhere you have internet connection. INTERACT NETWORK = ALL YOUR ONLINE NEEDS VIA INTERNET EXPLORER 6.0
Designed and written exclusively for the barter industry by those with more than 25 years in professional trading and more than 40 years in computer programming. INTERACT: the new software concept from TeleTrade Int’l, Inc.
Live Demonstration
Go to for our online demo. Please call Gary Lasater, 1.303.840.7172 ext 1 or email for user and password access.

You know what barter is. 
You know how to put trades together and satisfy clients one at a time. And you’re good at signing up new clients, because that’s what you like to do. But what about the BUSINESS of Barter? Those everyday things like accounting and chasing details and “getting back to” those people you promised?

That’s where INTERACT can help you SHINE. It handles ACCOUNTING, TRADE MANAGEMENT AND CONTACT MANAGEMENT, helping you and your staff manage your time more efficiently.

NEVER guess at accounting again. 
INTERACT features complete flexibility to allow you to fine tune how you charge clients for your services, whether cash, trade, buyer or seller paying or a combination of any or all. INTERACT doesn’t care how many levels of fees you have or how many different kinds of clients you service or how you structure your charges. It adapts. And you’ll find that INTERACT bills on time, collects on time, and follows up on those clients who are a little slow in paying or forget from time to time.

INTERACT can give you reports that truly reflect just how you’re doing and where your most profitable areas of endeavor are. Wouldn’t it be nice to know where to put your emphasis to increase your profit margins?

But perhaps best of all, INTERACT keeps complete records that are accessible almost instantly. NO more guessing or fumbling through piles of notes or pages of documentation. It’s all right there on your screen, accessible at the stroke of a key or click of a mouse.

NEVER miss another trade. 
The heart of your exchange is how well you match clients with their wants. And INTERACT has a matching capability that lets you know instantly what’s available and match haves and wants. In addition, INTERACT allows you to enter Special or Limited Quantity items and even code clients who want more business. When your client calls, the INTERACT screen displays all Special items under the requested category, customers wanting business and normal trading partners. INTERACT also tracks if the match comes from a customer request or trade director suggestion, allowing you to see how well you staff is stimulating additional business.

If the item is not available, INTERACT puts the want on a list. This does three things:

  1. You can print a list of unmatched wants to know where your sales staff can work to their best advantage.
  2. The system reminds you a week later so you can follow up on any remaining unmatched wants, and keep the data accurate.
  3. When someone with the requested item comes onboard or re-activates,

INTERACT generates a command to print a referral postcard to be mailed to all those waiting for that item. Automatically generating trades that produce more transaction fees.

Obviously, the more trades you complete, the more success you enjoy. INTERACT helps you maximize trades while impressing your clients with your attention to detail.

Know where you’re headed each day. 
Scheduled calls, visits, mailings and hundreds of other opportunities to increase business with the press of a key. There’s no need to go outside INTERACT to keep a handle on client contact. And you know the “more you tell, the more you sell !” But there’s more. You can review previous calls to jog your memory about certain clients, or help train new staff on present clientele, getting them up and trading faster.

INTERACT automatically flags unmatched trades for callbacks in a few days. In the instance of a client with a Special item with specific quantity that shows an equal number being referred, INTERACT generates a callback to check with this client for any remaining items not purchased from these referrals.
Call activity can easily be transferred to another should you be out of touch for a few days. Finally, INTERACT allows you to print out call reports for a day or range of dates for any or all users.
Haven’t you gone without the INTERACT advantage long enough?

More? You want MORE? 
INTERACT has nearly unlimited capabilities; only a few of them have been discussed on this page. But, should you need something we’ve not covered, no problem. See, INTERACT is “written” in a code-free, self-generating, object oriented programming language called MAGIC. What that means to you is that the system is flexible enough to be enhanced in short order to meet our special wants and needs. We can do in a few hours or days, what it would take others weeks or months to include. We invite you to challenge us with your particular anomaly. 1-800-LETSWAP.

Technology jump. 
What really makes INTERACT jump quantumly ahead of anything else is its remote synchronization interface to IRIS. INTERACT works back and forth updating IRIS with new clients and information, IRIS updates INTERACT with accounting, trade inquires and matches and more.

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How to benefit from this amassing service

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How to benefit from this amassing service

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How to benefit from this amassing service

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