IVR and CTI Applications for today’s business
What is CompuTrader ?
Terms combined – Computer and Trade. We help you trade people time for computer time to more efficiently service your customers. CompuTrader reduces the daily busy work your staff faces.
What is IVR – Interative Voice Response ?

Voice Response is a technology which allows access to computer systems from telephone sets, with input from the telephone keypad and output in voice or fax over standard telephone connections.

Thus, virtually any “touch-tone” telephone anywhere in the world becomes a computer terminal. Such access may be used for a wide range of applications in 4 major categories:

Office Automation
Applications such as Auto Attendant and Voice Mail automate “receptionist” functions by routing incoming calls and recording messages.

Call Center
Telemarketing (Outbound and Inbound), Service, Help Desk, Reservations call centers can greatly benefit from voice response systems for screening calls and handling overflow of peak traffic

Information Access
Applications such as Audiotex, Fax-on-Demand and Fax-Back provide automated access to information on products, services, regulations, procedures, etc.

Data Base Access
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications provide direct access from a telephone to data on a PC, LAN or Host computer. You can now give your customers the ability to do authorizations, information search and fax back on such things are accounting information, product and service availabilities, and more.

Our call processing development tools, gives us a comprehensive set of VBX and ActiveX controls which make it quick and easy to add computer telephony capabilities to your Windows development language.

We utilitizes two very powerful programming tools to allow us to respond to your needs:

VOS, the robust, powerful application language used to create tens of thousands of systems world-wide. Supports the widest range of telephony technologies in the industry. Available for DOS, UNIX, Windows 3.x, 95 and NT

CallSuite, the award-winning family of telephony custom controls for Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi and other Windows tools.

An outline of sample applications follows:

Sample IVR Applications

Order Entry
Your program application handles order entry via workstations in the office. VIP customers are provided direct access to the system from any telephone, 24 hours a day. A CompuTrader application handles this access as follows:

-Customer calls into the system. Keys in customer ID
-CompuTrader gets record from customers file
-Customer is asked to key in catalog number
-CompuTrader gets record from items file
-Customer is asked to key in quantity
-CompuTrader checks if quantity does not exceed stock
-If OK, item line is confirmed and written to order file
-Customer is asked if he wants to order another item
-If YES – cycle begins again
-If NO – CompuTrader reads back order items and total amount and asks for confirmation
-If confirmed – CompuTrader check customer credit
-If OK – CompuTrader confirms order and reads an order number.
-OPTIONAL: CompuTrader sends customer a copy of the order by FAX

Emergency Notification
A customer requires the ability to summon a group of people in case of emergency. The group is determined by criteria such as the type of emergency, time of day, etc. A CompuTrader application handles the telephone calls to the appropriate group of people, on several lines simultaneously, as follows:

-An authorized person calls the system and keys in an ID
-The caller is asked to key in the type of emergency
-CompuTrader gets the appropriate group record based on type of emergency, time of day or other criteria
-Each CompuTrader channel gets the first available employee record in the group and marks it “in use” (so that other channels will skip over it)
-The channel dials the employee’s telephone (or pager) number
-On answer, the system asks for an employee ID
-If the ID matches, the system plays the appropriate emergency message
-If the emergency requires, the employee is asked to confirm
-CompuTrader creates a record in a confirmations file
-If the line is busy / not answered, CompuTrader creates a record in the retries file

A supervisor can access the system at any time by phone to find out how many people have been notified, how many have confirmed, etc. The supervisor may also access this information from a VOS AND CALLSUITE application on a local or remote workstation.

Stock Portfolio
Customers can call in any time to check the value of their portfolio. A CompuTrader application provides this access from any telephone, 24 hours a day:

-Customer call the system and keys in an ID
-Customer is asked to key in a secret code (PIN)
-CompuTrader gets customer record and checks PIN
-If OK, customer is asked to choose an option i.e.,: “For Total Value – press 1, For individual stock – press 2, For transactions – press 3”
-CompuTrader gets appropriate portfolio record and reads the data, i.e.: “Your total portfolio value as of March 1, four-thirty PM is ten thousand two hundred fifty-three dollars and seventy-five cents”
– The customer can ask for more information, to talk to his broker (during office hours), leave a message for his broker (off-hours or if the broker’s line is busy) or receive a statement by fax.

These are just three examples of IVR applications which combine the power of VOS and CallSuite and CompuTrader. You can probably think of many more.

WHAT IS a Voice Response SYSTEM?
A Voice Response system is composed of three essential elements:
1. Computer – in our case a standard PC (Pentium 166 or higher), standalone or in a LAN
2. Dedicated hardware – special ISA boards which handle several functions: Telephony (On/Off Hook, Dial, etc.) Call Progress Monitoring (detects Answer/Busy/No Answer, etc.) Voice (Record / Play with compression to hard disk) Dialogic boards support standards from leading boards in the industry.
3. Software – multi-tasking software “engine” which handles numerous telephone calls simultaneously in each PC.
CompuTrader provides both the voice response “engine” and a call-flow generator to develop custom applications for your customers.

WHAT IS CompuTrader?
CompuTrader is a complete PC-based voice response environment based on “object-oriented” technology, including:

A multi-tasking voice response engine
Maintenance utilities
Management and control utilities
Data Base Applications Generator

A voice processing / voice response application is regarded as a “call flow” composed of “action blocks” (objects). CompuTrader provides a set of tools for defining voice applications by choosing and linking action blocks to generate the required call flow. CompuTrader generates a “script” which controls the call flow for each telephone channel. The run-time engine supports up to 16 channels in each PC and hundreds of channels in a LAN environment.

CompuTrader includes action blocks for any type of voice response application, including:

Fax Back
Voice Mail
Auto Attendant

CompuTrader is hardware independent and supports both analog and digital telephone line interfaces. Current support includes drivers for leading vendors of voice processing hardware.

The CompuTrader PC/LAN architecture has numerous advantages over larger, centralized proprietary systems, including:

Modular expansion
Fault tolerance
Familiar user-friendly computing environment
Cost effectiveness

CompuTrader – IVR
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications provide access to computer databases from any telephone. Typical applications include home banking, order entry and stock quotes by phone.

CompuTrader – IVR provides all the tools required to access both local and remote databases from any telephone set. We can provide access to any database that is ODBC compliant. These include but are not limited to Btrieve, MS SQL, Oracle, Sysbase, Infomix, Dbase, Paradox, MS Access, Foxpro and Interbase.

CompuTrader’s programming systems provide a unique, comprehensive and integrated environment for developing sophisticated and powerful IVR applications.

How Can YOU Benefit from CompuTrader?
With CompuTrader, you have the world’s best tools for developing IVR systems.

Use them to:
Add value to existing applications by providing IVR access to these applications

Compete in the emerging IVR market by providing turnkey solutions for Telemarketing, Order Entry, Data Collection, Emergency Notification, Home Shopping, Home Banking and many more applications

What about your LANGUAGE?
CompuTrader was designed for easy translation to any language – all of our voice files can be recorded by you in a wave file format and we can create a bi-lingual system. Just translate and record these files, email to TeleTrade and we will load your local version into your CompuTrader program – and you have a local bi-lingual version of CompuTrader .


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How to benefit from this amassing service

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How to benefit from this amassing service

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How to benefit from this amassing service

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