INTERACTive Database and Network for Trade and Barter

TeleTrade Int’l, Inc. is the only non-partisan, non-competitive company working with to better enhance the barter and trade industry. TTI has over 35 years of design intelligence in developing what you see before you, with over a half-century of combined trade & barter and computer background.


INTERACT NETWORK is one of the world’s most comprehensive software system for running a Barter Company or Trade Exchange.


IRIS brings you 24 hour customer service center and “CompuPay”. CompuPay is part of our service center features for automatically collecting your monthly cash fees from either credit card or business bank accounts.


THE X2X NETWORK is a national database of exchanges products and services that allow, based on each exchange granting rights, others to see available products and services within their base of customers.


Computer and Trade. We help you trade people time for computer time to more efficiently service your customers. CompuTrader reduces the daily busy work your staff faces.

Why TeleTrade?

Find out from our fun and informative video, why is the world’s best Enterprise Edition Cloud based Service as Software (SaS) for ease of running your retail Trade Exchange and self-empower your customers to handle the daily busy work, leaving you and staff to work more interactive than reactive trading needs.